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United Rentals carries used pipe stands for sale to help support your plumbing project tasks. Pipe stands — also known as pipe stand vices — help stabilize piping while you work with it or on it. These stands come in a variety of types including bench vises, racks, beveling machines, rollers, clamps and more. Use a clamp while welding or place a freshly threaded pipe in a rack stand. We have a pipe support option to suit any task need. Durability and easy portability make these stands ideal for several different jobsites, including construction zones and industrial workspaces. Trust United Rentals to provide you with a high-quality pipe stand to help you get the job done.

FAQs About Pipe Stands

What is a pipe beveler used for?

  • The beveling process produces an angle between the pipe and surface it will be welded to. The beveling machine ensures that the ends of the piping are smooth and free of debris for safe and effective use.

What is a pipe jack used for?

  • Pipe jacks are used to ensure the integrity of a structure that will support piping and vice versa. This protects workers from danger caused by unsupported weight.

What’s the difference between a pipe jack and a pipe vise tripod?

  • Pipe jacks are intended to support structural weight. On the other hand, the latter is intended to stabilize piping during the active threading process.