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Cat Class Code233-1675

2014 JLG G12-55A

Low Interest Financing
United Guard Warranty
Combine the lifting power of a forklift and the utility of the crane with this telescopic telehandler. This unit can carry up to 12,000 lbs. of materials and reach up to 56' for heavy-duty jobs. We have multiple steering modes available and increased visibility for the operator.

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Manufacturer & Model
Gradall - G12-55A
Serial Number
Equipment ID
Max Capacity
12,000 lbs.
Max Lift Height
Lift Cap Full Height
4000 lbs.
Max Forward Reach
Max Forward Lift
3000 lbs.
Frame Leveling
10� L/R
Engine Diesel
140 hp
Outside Turn Radius
Operating Weight
35,100 lbs.

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