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Are you looking for material handling equipment? United Rentals has a wide variety of used forklifts and material handling equipment for sale. We carry several types of material handling equipment available at United Rentals for worksites big and small, fromhoists and cable pulls to walkie stackers and heavy-duty four-wheel-drive forklifts.

Warehouse forklifts are the most widely used material handling equipment in the industry, and there are several types that can be purchased from United Rentals. Our inventory includes reach forklifts that can hoist materials like lumber, bricks or pallets up to several stories. A gas-powered forklift uses compressed gas to power the material handling equipment. Rough terrain forklifts use a standard engine to power them, and some have multiple engines for increased power to transport materials across muddy or rocky terrain. We also offer smaller battery-powered material handling equipment that can be used indoors on flat surfaces without causing damage to certain flooring materials by leaving tire marks behind.

Whatever type of forklift or material handler your company needs, United Rentals can help. Browse our used forklifts for sale below.

FAQs About Forklifts & Material Handling Equipment for Sale

How do forklifts work?

  • Forklifts are material handling equipment that can lift and transport pallets of materials. These machines use mechanical arms — or forks — to hoist materials up and down with ease. These forks typically use hydraulics to hoist materials in the air. Forklifts with pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor use; forklifts with cushion tires are ideal for indoors. They are built to travel across your site or facility under heavy loads. Check with the manufacturer to note maximum capacity and tip-over capacity.

Can I use material handling equipment in my warehouse?

  • Material handling equipment is ideal for warehouses because it helps companies improve workflow productivity. Warehouse forklifts can help you transport materials easily between your various workstations, allowing for increased productivity without risk of injury to workers by eliminating unnecessary movement.

How often should forklifts be inspected?

  • Forklifts and material handling equipment must be inspected every day before they can go back to work on your site. A material handler inspection includes a battery test, tire pressure check, forklift safety lights check, oil level/condition assessment, steering column lock function test, visual brake pad wear evaluation and other checks according to manufacturer guidelines.