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Cat Class Code232-2306

2015 Case 588H Rough Terrain Forklift

Low Interest Financing
United Guard Warranty
This all-terrain forklift gives you fast boom cycle times and excellent lift capacity for maximum productivity. Sway control levels the frame when placing materials on uneven ground. It has 3 hydrostatic power steering modes: 4-wheel steer, front-wheel steer and crab-steer for excellent maneuverability.

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Manufacturer & Model
Case - 588H
Serial Number
Equipment ID
Engine Diesel
74 hp
Operating Weight
16,978 lbs.
Lift Capacity Ground Level
8000 lbs.
Lift Capacity15
8000 lbs.
Lift Capacity Full Height
4000 lbs.
Max Lift Height
Side Shift Lor R
Forward Tilt
Rear Tilt
Clearance Circlew Brakes
25' 6"
Clearance Circle Free
26' 4"
Lx Hlowcarry
18' 4" x 10' 5"