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United Rentals carries a wide range of telehandler forklifts for sale. Telehandlers — also known as lulls, reach forklifts and telescopic forklifts — are prime examples of reach machinery or industrial equipment that uses a telescoping boom for lifting power.

These machines are also known as zoom booms because of their signature boom arm. The boom arm is made of hardened steel, which makes it stronger than other materials. Depending on the model, a reach forklift has the capacity to lift thousands of pounds at reach height with an even higher load capacity than it may have at ground level.

Telehandlers also have superior maneuverability, making it possible to reach tight spaces and navigate obstacles like posts, wires, racks or other forklifts. Used telehandlers offer versatility at a great price point, making them an ideal purchase for those looking to get the most for their money.

FAQs About Telehandler Reach Forklifts for Sale

How do you drive a telehandler?

  • Telehandler operation is unique compared to other types of forklifts because you must be aware of the boom arm's angle and level. In-cab operation may be more similar to ride-on earthmoving equipment like skid steers and backhoes, but knowing the center of gravity is crucial for safe operation. Refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual for specific instructions and information about controls on the dashboard. Whatever the worksite has in store, get certified in operating rough terrain forklifts at United Academy.

How long does a telehandler license last?

  • Telehandler operation certification can last up to three years. Generally, it depends on the reach forklift model you are licensed to operate. This certification is issued by reach forklift manufacturers, distributors and dealers. It can also be issued through independent training schools that have been approved by companies that supply reach forklifts. Explore telehandler training opportunities at United Academy.

Can telehandlers be driven on the road?

  • Generally, telehandlers should be transported to your worksite by truck. If they are to be driven on the road, telehandlers must be registered and licensed as agricultural vehicles and must comply with state and federal regulations. Reach forklifts with rubber tracks and all-wheel drive can operate on rough terrain like grass or gravel, making it possible to reach areas that may not be accessible by other equipment.
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