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At United Rentals, we offer various models of commercial sweepers for sale from manufacturers like LayMor, Tennant and Broce for sweeping roads, parking lots, construction sites and more. Generally, sweepers fall into one of three categories: broom sweepers, vacuum street sweepers and regenerative air street sweepers. Most of our used sweepers for sale fall into either the mechanical broom or the vacuum street sweeper category. For help in finding out which sweeper type and model is best for you, please reach out to one of our experts. Regardless of which sweeper you choose, these units make cleaning up your businesses' exterior or construction site simple and efficient. In addition, most of our sweepers for sale come with low-interest financing and our trusted United Guard warranty. Please browse our selection below and fill out a request form to get more information on any of our street sweepers for sale.

FAQs About Sweepers for Sale

Do street sweepers work in the rain?

  • Sweepers will still pick up most debris off the street when it’s raining, up to a point. If roads are too wet, street sweepers cannot pick up debris, or they may have to make several passes over an area that would normally only need a once-over. Read the owner’s manual or speak with the manufacturer to find out exactly how capable your street sweeper is in adverse weather conditions.

Do street sweepers vacuum?

  • There are different types of street sweepers. Vacuum street sweepers do use a vacuum-like mechanism to remove debris such as glass, nails or leaves from the road. The large bristle brushes push the debris toward the middle section of the vehicle, where an interior fan circulates the air in such a way to create a suction effect, removing the debris from the road and into a hopper. Other types of street sweepers, such as mechanical broom sweepers, instead use their brushes to push the debris into a “dust-pan” component.

Do you need a special license to drive a street sweeper?

  • Depending on the size and capability of the sweeper, operators may need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive a sweet sweeper. There are some sweeper models designed for light-duty that do not require a CDL, however. Check your local guidelines and job requirements.
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