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Look to United Rentals to find high-quality skid steers and track loaders for sale near you. Offering a vast selection of equipment for your job needs, choose from top construction brands such as Takeuchi, Bobcat, Kubota and several others. Our skid steers and track loaders are ideal for normal or high-intensity job tasks including digging, clearing, grading, transporting material and dumping. Select from our expansive range of operational power options to suit the specific needs of your site. Enjoy the advantages of smaller machines with a guarantee of reliable power for your daily needs. To learn more about our skid steer and track loader selection, use filters to browse and find exactly what you’re looking for.

FAQs About Skid Steer & Track Loaders for Sale

What is a track loader used for?

  • A track loader is used for several functions including digging, clearing, grading, transporting material, and/or dumping dirt, sand, or clay, as well as debris. Like its name implies, this machine moves on tracks as opposed to wheels, acting more efficiently on surface planes that are not level, smooth or even.

Do you need a license to operate a skid steer?

  • An official license is not required to drive a skid steer, however, it is in the best interest of any worker to be knowledgeable about the equipment they are using. United Academy is our internal learning platform that allows workers to earn certifications through various training opportunities. Select and register for a course here. We offer blended, traditional classroom, and virtual classroom learning modalities as well as several language options for instruction including English, Spanish, and French.

Do skid steers come with titles?

  • Skid steers do not come with titles. However, if you’re uncertain of ownership of a particular piece of machinery prior to purchase, it may be ideal to request that the seller provide original proof of purchase documents. You also want to make sure to retain your bill of purchase or receipt at the end of the transaction to prove your ownership after purchasing.

FAQs About Skid Steers & Track Loaders

Whether you're breaking ground on a construction site, paving a new dirt path or transporting heavy loads around the jobsite, we have a skid steer or track loader to fit your needs. Skid steer loaders produce optimal power and performance on any job. These skid steer loaders — also known as skid loaders or uniloaders — are great for lifting, grading and leveling. Bobcat rentals can travel on paved or soft and sandy surfaces with wheeled or track-based mobility options. Their left wheels turn independently, letting the vehicle nearly turn in place and skid around sharp corners. For smaller jobs, we also offer mini skid steers and walk-behind skid steer rentals for your projects.

For larger projects and heavier loads, our selection of crawler loaders will get the job done. Also a type of track loader, a crawler loader is much larger than a typical skid steer or track loader because it's designed for significant hauls and heavy-duty earthmoving projects. We have multiple bucket attachment options as well. Whether you're breaking ground on a construction site, paving a new dirt path or transporting heavy loads around the jobsite, we have a skid steer or track loader to fit your needs.

United Rentals' lineup of skid steers and track loaders comprises equipment from well-known manufacturers like Bobcat, John Deere and Takeuchi. We've got you covered if you're looking for a business or industrial-grade heavy equipment skid steer loader to complete a job of any size. For more information on our inventory of track loaders and skid steers, visit our FAQs section below.

What is the difference between a skid steer and a wheel loader?

A skid steer and wheel loader may complete similar jobs, but they are not the same machine. Skid steers are maneuvered by "skidding" the tires to turn, while wheel loaders can be maneuvered using a steering wheel. Some operations will use a skid steer in narrow locations on the site and a wheel loader in large, open areas. However, we offer compact wheel loaders that can reach those narrow locations.

Do skid steers have a smooth-edge bucket or a bucket with teeth?

Our skid steer loaders have a smooth-edge bucket that assists with more multipurpose applications, such as lifting materials, grading and leveling.

What is the difference between a skid steer and a Bobcat?

Skid steer is the name of the equipment, but it's commonly referred to by the popular brand name, Bobcat.

What is the best use for a skid steer loader?

A skid steer can serve many purposes in construction or industrial use — lifting and pushing, and it can help build up mounds or hills and level soils as well. The bucket can be used to move materials across the site, including hay bales, bags of concrete and more. You should ensure the bucket size and equipment fits the job you need it to do. A skid loader has tires and may get stuck in muddy or wet conditions. A track loader can float on top of mud and wet earth.

What size skid steer do I need?

The size of the skid steer depends on the job you wish to perform. The smallest skid steers typically have a rated operating capacity (ROC) of about 700 pounds and an overall weight of about 3,000 pounds. This smaller size is ideal for a homeowner project as it can usually fit through a walkthrough backyard gate. A very large skid steer can have an ROC in the 3,000-plus-pound range for someone who doesn’t have room for a full-size backhoe or wheel loader. Read more about the seven factors to consider when renting a skid steer from United Rentals.

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