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United Rentals carries an extensive inventory of used motor graders, crucial in construction and road maintenance. When you need to smooth out a gravel road, prepare a base course, or fine-grade a highway, we have the suitable motor grader to meet your project demands.

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FAQs About Motor Graders

Engineered to deliver exceptional grading and leveling performance, our range of motor graders for sale ensures reliability, superior quality and increased work efficiency. Our selection of used motor graders for sale promises top-tier performance, durability and quality. Whether you're preparing an asphalt base, leveling soil for a new building project or maintaining gravel roads, we have the ideal machine to power your next project.

Learn more about motor graders in the FAQ section below.

Who makes small motor graders?

There are several manufacturers known for producing small motor graders. These include CASE, Caterpillar, John Deere and more. Models and offerings vary by region and availability; contact your local United Rentals branch to talk to a team member for more information. 

What are the operational costs associated with this grader?

The operational costs of a grader can vary significantly based on several factors, including usage, maintenance practices, fuel prices and more. However, information from various sources suggests that the ownership and operating costs for a grader can range from $65 to $160 per hour. Fuel is one of the significant operational costs. The actual fuel consumption depends on the model and its use, but heavy equipment like graders can consume substantial amounts of diesel fuel. Maintenance and repair costs are also significant. Regular services, such as engine oil changes, are required at specific intervals (for example, every 250 hours for some models). Furthermore, unexpected repairs can add to these costs. The cost of spare parts is another factor to consider. The price of these parts can vary widely depending on the specific part and where it's purchased from.

What types of projects are motor graders used for?

Motor graders, often called road graders or simply graders, are versatile machines used in various projects. Here are some key areas where they're commonly utilized: road construction and maintenance, snow removal, agricultural land leveling, building construction, mining and quarrying industries, landscaping and creating water channels. Graders are an indispensable piece of equipment in many industries due to their versatility and precision.