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Cat Class Code905-1150

2015 Kobelco SK350LC Excavator

Low Interest Financing
United Guard Warranty
Complete your standard- to heavy-duty job with an excavator. This full-size excavator has an easy-to-use engine, a hydraulic system that maximizes engine output, and saves fuel by keeping a constant balance between pressure and flow. Also known as trackhoes or diggers, excavators are easy to control in multiple function applications, like precision grading. Just punch in the grading mode and you'll be smoothly propelled across the top of the embankment. This range of excavators is ideal for larger construction sites with room to maneuver.

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Manufacturer & Model
Kobelco - SK350LC
Serial Number
Equipment ID
270 hp
Operating Weight
83,300 lbs.
Bucket Capacity
2.75 cu. yd.
Bucket Width
Std Arm Length
10' 10"
Ground Level Reach
36' *3"
Max Digging Depth
24' 10"
Dump Height
24' 2"
Bucket Digging Force
56,200 lbs.
Arm Force
40,700 lbs.
Lift Capacity195ft Front
28,740 lbs.
Tail Swing
11' 10"
Wx Lx H
11' 1" x 37' 1" x 11' 3"

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