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Looking to buy a saw for tile cutting? Look no further because United Rentals has a large inventory of concrete equipment, including used masonry and tile saws for sale. We carry Husqvarna, Norton Clipper and other top manufacturers’ fold-out table saws or table-top saws for your projects big and small. Tile saws are used to easily make precision cuts in materials such as stone, ceramic and porcelain. Wet tile or masonry saws use a jet stream of water that protects your blade and prevents the tile from smoking or burning during the cutting process. What sets United Rentals apart is our equipment experts have maintained and inspected all masonry and tile saws before selling, giving you the best product possible. If you are looking for a masonry saw for sale or a tile saw for sale, then browse our inventory below.  

FAQs About Masonry and Tile Saws 

What is a masonry saw? 

  • Masonry saws are power tools used to cut through concrete, tile, brick, asphalt, granite and other heavy-duty materials. These saws make accurate and straight cuts by using the strongest diamond blades moving at high speeds.  

When should I replace my tile saw blade? 

  • There are a few tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your tile saw blade. If you are experiencing slower cuts than usual, need to add additional pressure or force to your saw or feel unusual vibrations from your equipment, it might be time to replace your blade.  

Can you cut stone with a tile saw? 

  • Yes, you can cut stone with a tile saw if you are using your equipment properly. By wetting the stone and using a high-quality diamond blade, you should have no issues cutting through a variety of tough materials.