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United Rentals offers a variety of used cut-off saws and band saws for sale from trusted manufacturers. Our hardwearing industrial cut-off saws are well suited for heavy-duty cutting projects involving hard metal, tile and concrete. Depending on your jobsite, you’ll want to choose between electric saws for indoor use or on sites with accessible outlets and gas-powered saws for outdoor areas where fumes are of no concern. All of our used equipment has been inspected and serviced by United Rentals’ knowledgeable technicians to ensure the machinery is running reliably. For more information on our lineup of cut-off saws and blades, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our used equipment sales experts.

FAQs About Cut-off Saws & Blades for Sale

What is a cut-off saw?

  • Also known as a chop saw or an abrasive saw, a cut-off saw is a circular saw with a “blade” that consists of an abrasive disc and does not use regularly shaped saw teeth for cutting. Cut-off saws come in table top, handheld and walk-behind configurations.

What is a cut-off saw used for?

  • Cut-off saws are used to cut through hard materials like metal, tile and concrete. Cut-off saws also cut other hard materials like lumber, aluminum and other rigid materials, as long as the material coincides with the size restrictions of the saw. Always consult the owner’s manual before cutting a new type of material with your chop saw, as certain models may not be suited to cut through some materials.

How thick is a saw blade? 

  • Circular saw blades typically fall into a range of 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick. In general, thinner discs produce less dust and make for more precise cuts.