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Air Compressors & Air Tools for Sale (1,195)

Looking for air equipment for sale? Let United Rentals be your one-stop shop for all your used air equipment needs. From pneumatic power tools like air impact wrenches, air hammers and air drills to air receivers, air dryers and air compressors, United Rentals is here to connect you with the equipment you need. Conserve energy and optimize productivity and economy by using an air compressor to power several air tools simultaneously. Reach out to one of our Used Equipment Sales experts to learn more about additional inventory and our selection of air tool accessories, air compressors, and air tools for sale.

FAQs About Air Compressors and Air Tools

Can I use air compressor oil in air tools?

  • Always check the instructions for your specific machine to find out the best oil for your equipment. Air tools and air compressors both require nondetergent oil, but air compressors typically require heavier oil than air tools.

Do I need a license/certification to operate air tools?

  • You can operate air tools without a license or certification, but it’s important to review best safety practices. Air tools are extremely powerful and pose some unique — and avoidable — safety hazards. Read Common Hazards of Pneumatic Tools and How to Avoid Them to learn how to keep your team safe.

How do I maintain air equipment?

  • Maintenance care varies depending on the manufacturer and specific air tool. In general, follow any lubricating requirements that are recommended in your air tool’s equipment manual instructions. Preventive care — like regular cleaning and proper storage — helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment.