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While we don’t have that available right now — a few changes in your filters and preferences could help us locate the equipment you need. Or if you prefer, feel free to reach out to our expert Sales Team for assistance by filling out this contact form.

See the selection of used scaffolding for sale from United Rentals below. If you have a larger project and your team is qualified to erect and dismantle the scaffolding, owning your own scaffolding frame makes sense. With United Rentals, we offer multiple portable scaffolding, indoor scaffolding, and more options in this category to help you not only complete a project, but also do it safely and efficiently. To learn more about How to Choose the Right Type of Scaffolding for the Job, check out United Rentals’ Project Uptime article.

FAQs About Scaffolding

Where do I buy scaffolding?

  • Scaffolds such as swing-stage systems may be available for sale at a United Rentals branch. Contact your closest United Rentals for scaffolding options. A sales representative can ensure you get the scaffolding system you need that has been carefully inspected and maintained.

Who is authorized to inspect a scaffold?

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires scaffolding to be inspected before each shift by a competent person on the jobsite; it does not have to be inspected each shift by the person who constructed the scaffold. However, a competent employee must complete a visual inspection for defects, structural damage or excessive wear.

What should not be used to support a scaffold?

  • According to OSHA, no unstable object should be used to support a scaffold. OSHA standard 1926.451(c)(2)(iv) says no front-end loader or any such earthmoving piece of equipment should be used to support a scaffold unless specifically designed for that purpose by the manufacturer.