Pusharound Lifts for Sale (122)

Browse our man lifts for sale, including Genie, JLG and other top manufacturers from United Rentals. We make sure you have the chance to buy from the best. Our used equipment category offers used man lifts for sale, single man lifts, push around lifts, and more, so you can purchase the exact item you need for your projects today and in the future. Our electric push around lifts for sale range in platform height from 21 feet to 48 feet, ideal for indoor maintenance, painting, inspection and repair at height. These compact lifts are not self-propelled, but they can be moved manually through service door entryways and service elevator doors, making them the best tool for light indoor duty. Let United Rentals help you today!

FAQs About Push Around Lifts for Sale

How much does a push around lift weigh?

  • Push around lifts may weigh between 817 pounds for a 25-foot lift to 1,200 pounds for a 40-foot lift, depending on the make and model. These compact machines are meant to be portable and easily maneuverable in indoor worksites. Check the specification tables on our used push around lifts available for sale for further details.

How do Genie one-man lifts work?

  • Genie push around lifts are electric aerial work platforms designed to be compact and easy to use. When folded down, the operator can easily maneuver the one-man lift through standard doorways and around obstacles. Once in the correct area for the job, the operator locks the platform in place and steps onto the platform. From the platform, the operator uses the on-deck controls to extend the platform mast to the desired height.

What’s the difference between push around lifts and scissor lifts?

  • The clearest difference between push around lifts and scissor lifts is that scissor lifts are self-propelled. Scissor lifts can be driven from the platform while push around lifts are moved manually. The second difference is that push around lifts are also called one-man lifts: The platform can only fit one operator, while larger scissor lifts can typically hold up to two operators if the weight does not exceed maximum platform capacity. Push around lifts and scissor lifts extend only vertically, and there are several models of both types of lifts that can be used indoors and outdoors. However, the rule of thumb is to use push around lifts when you need to move around narrow areas for light-duty jobs with only one operator.