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Find a wide selection of used ladders for sale at United Rentals. Essential to most construction projects, ladders are a must-have tool. United Rentals offers extension ladders, 6-foot ladders, 10-foot ladders, and much more for maintenance, painting, gutter cleaning, and other projects at height. Our ladders vary in size and manufacturers, so you can select the tool you need within your budget. Ensure your team knows the ins and outs of ladder ownership and safety with our Project Uptime article Ladder Safety Tips Even Construction Pros Forget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ladders

How do I store ladders?

  • Ladders should be stored horizontally when not in use. If stored vertically, ladders can fall, damaging nearby items or injuring people. They can be stored horizontally using hooks, straps, or other tie-downs, and then be suspended on walls of workshops and garages or in racks in vans or work trucks.

How are extension ladders measured?

  • Extension ladders can easily be measured when stored by using a tape measure and noting how many sections the ladder has. Extension ladders typically have at least two sections that extend to the full length. Measure one section of the ladder and multiply the measurement by the number of sections of the ladder. For example, if an extension ladder has three sections, simply measure one section and multiply it by three.

How often should you inspect ladders?

  • Inspect your ladder before each use. Check to see if there is any damage, loose rungs or unstable feet. Ladders should also be inspected after an incident, like a fall, to ensure the ladder is not damaged. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires, ladders with damaged or missing rivets or rungs/steps, damaged siderails, or any other structural defect should be removed from the worksite or tagged as unusable if left on the worksite.