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Cat Class Code310-6526

2011 JLG 660SJ Boom Lift

Low Interest Financing
United Guard Warranty
Complete construction, mechanical contracting, painting, glazing, electrical work and industrial maintenance with this telescopic boom lift. Straight boom lifts can be raised, lowered and extended horizontally while the work platform remains stable and straight. You can maneuver and steer in any direction, even while the platform is extended. Hydrostatic drive, positive traction, oscillation axles and proportional controls make driving the boom lift smooth and easy.

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Manufacturer & Model
JLG - 660SJ
Serial Number
Equipment ID
Platform Height
65' 8"
Horizontal Outreach
57' 1"
Platform Size
96" x 36"
Lift Capacity
550/750 lbs.
4 W D Gradeability
Gas/LP or Diesel
26,275 lbs.

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