Aerial Attachments & Safety for Sale (4)

United Rentals provides used aerial work platform attachments, accessories and safety equipment you need to start, continue or finish a job at height. Find lift accessories, safety harnesses for sale, knuckle boom attachments and scissor lift accessories. United Rentals is here to answer all your questions and provide solutions to your equipment purchase needs. We even have Customer Owned Equipment Repair and Maintenance service to help keep your equipment in top operating condition.

FAQs About Aerial Attachments & Safety Equipment for Sale

Do you need to buy a harness for a scissor lift?

  • All scissor lifts require fall protection systems, but OSHA requirements state that if a scissor lift has sufficient guardrails in place, additional personal harnesses are not required. However, for all other situations, operators are required to wear personal fall protection systems like harnesses.

Do you need to buy a harness for a boom lift?

  • Yes, all boom lift operators must wear a harness or personal fall protection system on a boom lift, regardless of height, according to OSHA requirements. Other fall protection systems can be added to the boom lift, including guardrail systems, as well.

What is a pipe rack for scissor lifts and boom lifts?

  • Pipe racks attach to the platform of a scissor lift and boom lift to store piping and conduit above the work platform. These racks are more ergonomic, keeping pipes and conduit within reach while safely keeping them away from operators’ feet, removing potential trip hazards or other injuries.
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