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Total Control Web-Based Rental Management: Track Your Rental Fleet in Real Time

Manage your equipment inventory and save 15%-35% in annual rent costs with Total Control.

How much time and money do you waste paying late fees on overdue equipment, renting machines you don't actually use, or searching jobsites for a particular item when it's needed? When you’re renting a lot of equipment at once, it can be tough to keep track of all of it, and it can be hard to tell whether you're actually getting your money's worth. But recent advances in technology have transformed how businesses can manage their projects, maximizing utilization, reducing waste, making equipment more visible and cutting back paperwork.

Total Control by United Rentals is a proprietary fleet management system that offers innovative consumption management tools, helping you optimize the length, utilization and amount of equipment you're renting. The web-based software puts a range of valuable data at your fingertips, even across multiple accounts, so you can stay on top of tight timelines, avoid cost overruns and stick to a limited budget. Use it on your computer, tablet or phone, wherever you may be.

“Total Control can help cut annual rental costs by up to a third,” said Gordon McDonald, VP of Managed Services for United Rentals. “Reducing consumption can deliver as much as six times greater savings than price reduction.”

GPS-enabled equipment provides real-time location and usage data so you don't have workers wandering around jobsites looking for specific machines. You'll also see data regarding how much fuel your equipment is consuming, how long it's used each day, and whether it's in need of service. That helps you order additional equipment only when it's needed, and return what you don't use.

The customizable interface lets you decide what info you want to see on your dashboard, including due dates and fleet activity, and set your own alerts through e-mail, text or pop-up notifications. The paperless system streamlines the renting and billing processes, increasing your productivity and helping to cut back all that clutter on your desk.

Together, all of these tools can help you save 15%-35% on overall rental costs each year. To learn more about Total Control, contact your local sales representative or call 800-UR-RENTS.