Track Your Tools: Mobile Tool Rooms Prioritize Quality, Efficiency and Security

How much money are you losing every year due to mismanaged tools?


How much money are you losing every year due to mismanaged tools? According to the National Associated General Contractors Association, individual contractors can lose as much as $18,500 when costly tools are stolen, and even more tools are lost when they're misplaced or damaged from improper use. Keeping tools safe, secure and out of the elements is important, but there's no reason to stop at putting your tools in a lockbox when you could be saving even more money with a superior management system.

“On average, only twenty-nine percent of a craft laborer's day is spent on direct wrench time,” said Josh Flores, Region VP for United Rentals Tool Solutions. “A whopping nineteen percent is spent obtaining tools and equipment.”

The latter is a figure that could be significantly reduced by making tools more easily accessible. Unorganized inventory and poorly maintained tools contribute to delays and inefficiencies in workflow, and tool failure can stop crews in their tracks.

Renting an array of top-quality, well-maintained tools eliminates the costs and hassles of ownership. United Rentals not only offers reliable tools sourced from top-tier manufacturers, they also provide safe, secure custom-stocked containers -- right on your jobsite. Mobile tool rooms put all of the tools you need to complete a project right at your fingertips.

You can get your own onsite tool room custom-stocked to your specs, whether you need it for a short period or longer-term, no matter how big or small your project may be. Each one comes equipped with a tool management system providing accurate, real-time inventory tracking. An onsite tools expert will service and organize inventory, inspecting tools when they're returned and overseeing safety. Learn more tool rental solutions at


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