[INFOGRAPHIC] Construction Machines: The Big 5 Earth Movers

These “big boys” get the digging, loading, moving and filling done.

You can’t build much of anything without moving earth and/or materials. That’s where earthmoving equipment comes in. These are the “big boys” of the equipment world, ubiquitous on construction jobsites. They get the heavy work done.

This equipment digs (foundations, ditches, trenches), loads (rubble, asphalt, sand, etc.), moves aside (asphalt, dirt, snow, etc.), fills, grades and levels. Wheeled or tracked, with buckets or blades, these are versatile machines that perform multiple tasks.

Many of the machines perform some of the same functions, but they vary in size, and each machine excels in certain situations. See the infographic below to find out what each of the five most common earthmoving machines — excavator, backhoe loader, wheel loader, dozer and skid steer loader — is best for. Choosing the right machine for the job is key to productivity and profitability.

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earthmoving equipment infographic


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