Grand Prize Cooler
October 21- November 22, 2019

Join the United Rentals Regional Sales Contest

Order, extend and manage online rentals and win. 

Save time and help your customers rent online. Win big by helping customers understand the benefits of using to extend rentals, order and manage equipment. Because when they win, you win.


Compete against Your Region and Win

Want to score a Yeti cooler and United Rentals gear for everyone at the branch? Then get ready. Starting in October and ending November 22nd, the competition will be ranked in 3 categories: Fulfillment, Digital Orders, and Digital Pickups.

United Rentals Employee With Customer
Compete against Regional Branches in Four Categories

Each branch will be ranked in percentage improvement in four key online sales measurements over the course of the six-week competition.

Order Volume

Measured on percent increase for orders created on through your branch.

Off-Rent Volume

Measured on percent increase for orders that are taken off-rent on for orders through your branch.


Measured on the increase of the fulfillment rate for orders that are placed on through your branch.

Mid Atlantic Region - Delaware / Baltimore District Week 5 Leaderboard
BranchTotal PointsOrder Volume PointsFulfillment PointsOff-Rent Volume Points
79A - Lansing, MI23797
300 - Grand Rapids, MI23995
A87 - Fort Wayne, IN20695
39E - Lincoln Park, MI19199
152 - Romulus Park, MI19955
K31 - Midland, MI15645
G47 - Shelby, MI14338
F75 - South Bend, IN12615
A86 - Perrysburg, OH10226