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Our Environmental Remediation solutions help you reduce compliance costs while saving time with flexible temporary storage equipment.

Faster, cost effective liquid treatment solutions

Environmental remediation is a critical process in addressing pollution and contamination issues. United Rentals effectively addresses an environmental emergency through a proactive and comprehensive high-level response. 

Baker tanks can be placed into the heart of your environmental remediation project, expertly aligned for cost effective treatment processes. Their larger capacities can help achieve more efficient maintenance, testing and batching of was


High performance rental equipment


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Our liquid treatment solutions offer cost-effective versatility across sectors. From soil and groundwater treatment to hazardous waste management, we provide efficient solutions for remediation needs. Our services include effluent storage for testing, sewer cleaning support, and temporary wastewater storage for emergencies. With a focus on efficiency and compliance, we streamline processes while saving time and resources for our clients.


Environmental Remediation Challenges

Environmental remediation projects often face complex challenges, impacting regulatory compliance, time management, and cost-effectiveness. United Rentals recognises these obstacles and offers tailored solutions to mitigate them effectively:

  • Compliance Complexity: Meeting environmental regulations demands meticulous planning and execution. Our solutions streamline compliance processes, ensuring adherence to standards while minimising administrative burdens.
  • Time Constraints: Environmental projects often operate under tight schedules, necessitating rapid responses and efficient workflows. United Rentals' expertise and comprehensive equipment inventory enable timely project completion, reducing downtime and maximising productivity.
  • Safety Assurance: Environmental remediation sites pose inherent safety risks. Our commitment to safety excellence includes providing state-of-the-art equipment and expert guidance to ensure a secure working environment for all stakeholders.

Emergency Response Solutions: Addressing Urgent Situations Swiftly

Discover how our responsive solutions can effectively tackle urgent scenarios, such as backup power sources for power outages, proactive high-level responses for environmental remediation emergencies, and rapid rainwater management to mitigate flooding risks.

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Rapid Response Service

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