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Power outages or breaks in supply are bad for business. Planning for them helps minimise downtime and financial risk.

Power Outage
Affected by a Grid outage and need Backup Power?

Power outages create many challenges and delays across all industries and sectors. United Rentals high-performance generator sets and battery packs are the ultimate power solution in the event of an emergency or as pre-planned backup supply.

Explore our immediate rental options for high-performance equipment, including:

•    Diesel Generators 18 kVA - 500 kVA
•    Power Support Equipment
•    Battery Packs


High Performance Equipment for Emergency Power


How can the challenges of delivering power be overcome in an ever-evolving and intricate environment?

United Rentals specialises in providing customised solutions to enhance efficiency, simplify scheduling, and optimise performance across various sectors of the Power industry whether plant operations, transmission & distribution, substations, or renewables.

Understanding the various available options for power outages can assist you in making the appropriate choice for temporary or backup power sources.

During power outages, several challenges can arise, affecting productivity, safety, and overall project timelines. United Rentals stands ready to provide support and solutions to help you navigate through these challenges and maintain operational efficiency during power outages.


Case Studies

Explore our case studies, highlighting how our solutions effectively address critical scenarios.


Power Outage Challenges

Power outages at sites can present several challenges, affecting productivity, safety, and overall project timelines. Some of the significant challenges include:

  • Downtime and Productivity Loss: When power goes out, work often comes to a standstill. United Rentals provides solutions aimed at reducing downtime and ensuring seamless operation of your business.
  • Deadline Pressures: Construction projects typically operate on tight schedules. Our team is available to help evaluate and minimise the effects.
  • Safety Concerns: Lack of power can compromise safety measures. Our equipment and proficiency guarantee a safe and managed approach to addressing safety issue related to power outages.

Emergency Response Solutions: Addressing Urgent Situations Swiftly

Discover how our responsive solutions can effectively tackle urgent scenarios, such as backup power sources for power outages, proactive high-level responses for environmental remediation emergencies, and rapid rainwater management to mitigate flooding risks.

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Environmental emergencies with proactive high-level responses

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Rapid Response Service

Contact our helpful team for advice and support