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Temporary Ground Water Drainage

Temporary Ground Water Drainage



  • Construction of a new building starts with foundations often constructed on the right substrate, usually located deep into the ground. 
  • The correct substrate needs to be reached first before construction can begin and to reach this firm layer, groundwater needs to be lowered.
  • The process of lowering groundwater is an ongoing process until the construction of the foundation is completed.
  • Pumping groundwater directly to surface water was not allowed and only possible in consent with local authorities.


  • A Diesel Pump - 4" was used to extract groundwater / rainwater from the customers drainage system. The customer made sure the pump could not run dry by adding level-float-switches to operate during pumping actions.
  • United Rentals 35 m³ Tank was was used to act as a buffer-tank to control the outgoing flow towards rainwater-sewer.
  • A Submersible Pump 4” was used to pump out the collected groundwater to a nearby sewer-pit after approval of local authorities.


  • United Rentals solution allows the ground water levels to be lowered to the required depth.
  • The solution allows control of the outgoing flow, which abides to the local regulations by storing water in the buffer tank.
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