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Welders & Accessories (146)

Our Portable or Towable Arc Welders and accessories are great tools for a variety of jobs, from construction projects and field fabrication, to maintenance and repair applications. Our 2-in-1 machines offer welding and generator power in locations where electrical outlets aren't available. They can power tools, lights, appliances and motors, while producing Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux-Cored outputs, so you can tackle every field welding challenge.

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Cat Class: 975-5175
Cart For Welder Rectifier
Cat Class: 975-0125
Chassis Ground Cable 25'
Cat Class: 975-0127
Clamp Ground 4/0
Cat Class: 975-0126
Clamp Ground With 2-4' Whip
Cat Class: 975-7500
Cutter Plasma
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  • Cutting from 3/8" to 1.5"
  • Handheld or machine torch
  • 20 to 25-foot lead
  • Volts: 120-575 available
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Cat Class: 975-7525
Cutter Plasma 7/8" Capacity
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  • Cuts up to 7/8" mild steel
  • Handheld torch with 20-foot cable
  • Volts: 209/230
  • Portable unit
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Cat Class: 975-0850
Cutting Rig Complete
Cat Class: 975-6580
Cutting Torch Attachment
Cat Class: 975-6450
Cylinder Acetylene
Cat Class: 975-6530
Cylinder Acetylene #5
Cat Class: 975-6400
Cylinder Cart
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  • Holds two tanks on base plate
  • Open tool tray or closed tool box
  • Firewall between tanks available
  • Lifting eye available
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Cat Class: 975-6404
Cylinder Cart Oxygen Acetylene #4
Cat Class: 975-6540
Cylinder Oxygen 125 Cubic Feet
Cat Class: 975-6545
Cylinder Oxygen 250 Cubic Feet
Cat Class: 975-5145
Double Flow Meter For Argon Tank
Cat Class: 975-6585
Flint Striker
Cat Class: 975-7610
Flow Meter For Plasma Cutter
Cat Class: 975-2264
Foot Control For Tig Welding
Cat Class: 975-2268
Hand Remote For Miller Welder
Cat Class: 975-6705
Hose Argon 50' With Fittings
Cat Class: 975-6510
Hose Oxygen Acetylene 25'
Cat Class: 975-6515
Hose Oxygen Acetylene 50'
Cat Class: 975-5125
Machine Torch Long Barrel
Cat Class: 975-5135
Machine Torch Short Barrel
Cat Class: 975-5000
Mig Welder With Controls
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  • MIG & FCAW; Stick & DC TIG also available
  • Single-phase
  • Input: 120/240 V, 20-25A
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