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Lifting Device for Rent

United Rentals carries an effective selection of lifting devices for rent, with inventory ranging from wire rope slings to plate lifting rings and more.

For our full list of lifting devices for rent, view the items below. For more information, visit our resource section.

Cat Class Code

Wire Rope Sling 2 1/4" X 10'

Hydraulic Shoring icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Sheet Pile Guide Frame 16' Type D

Hydraulic Shoring icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Lifting Beam 25'

Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Ground Release Shackle

Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Road Plate Lifting Tool

  • Save strain on the operator
  • Lift road plates easily
  • Durable steel
  • Easy to install
  • Uses: Ideal for lifting road plates efficiently, reducing strain on operators
Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Crossing Plate Lift Screw 1.25"

Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Crossing Plate Lift Screw 1.5"

Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Standard Plate Lifting Ring

  • Simple hookup with plates flat on the ground — never a need to reach under a plate
  • Quick and easy connection provides centered, single-point lift for increased control
  • Quick-connect or screw-lift connect available
  • United Rentals will contact you to confirm requirements
  • Uses: Ideal for lifting and moving crossing plates
Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Plate Lifting Ring Heavy Duty

Road Plate Matting Icon
Cat Class Code

Lifting Ring Swivel 1.50"


FAQs about Lifting Devices

United Rentals offers a comprehensive collection of lifting devices for rent, suitable for a variety of heavy-duty lifting applications. Our lifting devices are capable of hoisting, lowering and transporting heavy pieces of machinery or equipment around a jobsite, reducing risk of injury. Our inventory features lifting beams, ground release shackles and more. This road plate lifting tool is used to efficiently and quickly carry road plates, saving both time and energy. These lifting swivel rings are designed to lift and suspend loads from a hoist or crane, with a swivel base that allows the cargo to move and pivot freely, making it ideal for more fragile loads. Additionally, we have both standard and heavy-duty lifting rings, used to lift and lower various materials.

Learn more about lifting devices in our FAQ section below.

What are wire rope slings used for?

A wire rope sling is an important type of rigging tool, used to aid various lifting and hoisting operations across different industries. Rope slings connect the load directly to the lifting device and are widely preferred for heavy load lifting operations. Wire rope slings are used in construction sites, shipyards and many other industries. Need more help? Contact our trench safety experts for further guidance.

What is a lifting beam?

Lifting beams are important tools in the industry, designed to be a secure and stable lifting solution for loads with varying sizes, shapes and weights. Lifting beams are a popular type of below-the-hook lifting tool, a type of equipment with components like slings, hooks and rigging hardware for additional security.

How do you lift road plates?

Road plates often have existing lugs or holes to make lifting easier. Lifting devices, like road plate lifting tools, can be used when lifting to reduce strain. They are designed to be inserted or attached directly to the plate, allowing for safe and efficient lifting.