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Composite Matting for Rent

Composite matting systems are made of high-performance HDPE for a strong, durable, uniform surface for any application that requires access in special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection. These mats come in several different sizes and materials, and they can be utilized on various surfaces.

The interlocking mats distribute weight evenly across a large surface area while remaining stable and strong through all weather conditions. Tread patterns improve safety and traction for load-bearing vehicles, while the interlocking system reduces the chance for drift and slippage. They also protect surfaces that need to stay clean of dirt or mud and create traction for workers who have to walk across them, reducing the risk of jobsite hazards.

If you’re in need of heavy equipment mat rentals, United Rentals has the resources to satisfy your requirements. Our composite matting systems will help you create a safer and cleaner work environment for your team. Read Composite Mats for Jobsite Access: A Safer, More Sustainable Choice to learn more details about the benefits of composite mapping systems.

FAQs About Composite Matting Systems

What is a mud mat?

  • A mud mat is made of an exceptionally durable reinforced fabric with enhanced tinseling for trapping dirt, dust, mud and debris. They're placed at entrances and exits of worksites for people to wipe their feet on as they come and go, keeping workspaces and spaces beyond workspaces clean.

What size is a matting system?

  • A matting system does not have a set size but can comprise several connective mats to meet the desired size requirement. The size depends on the required coverage of a given surface area, usually a part of the worksite.

Where can I use matting systems?

  • Matting is good for several types of sites including construction and industrial spaces, office spaces, home entrances and exits, agricultural worksites, golf courses, parks and others. The mats are ideal for surface coverage where vehicles need to require stability while avoiding tracking messes from dirt and soil into clean or sterile spaces.

beige composite matting
Cat Class Code

Composite Matting

  • Size (actual): 7.5 ft. (L) by 14 ft. (W) by 4 in. (D) 2.286m by 4.267 m by 10.16cm
  • Weight: 1,095 lbs. (496.7 kg)
  • Flange thickness: 2" (5.08cm)
  • Weight load: 600 PSI, depending on subsurface conditions
  • Uses: Ideal for creating safe, level surface to withstand heavy machinery or protect surfaces