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Tank Fuel Double Wall 1000-1250 Gallon

The TransCube is a transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tank that offers versatility and efficiency to pumping applications. The unique design offers extended run times on multiple pumps and the safest transport and storage of fuel.

LOCKABLE EQUIPMENT CABINET: Equipment & ports are secure and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fueling while cabinet is locked.

EQUIPPABLE: TransCube's can be equipped with a full range of accessories, including trailers, pumps, additional feed/ return blocks, filters, and more.

CONNECTABLE: The cabinet is capable of directly connecting up to three diesel powered engines and dispensing fuel by pump at the same time.

TRANSPORT APPROVED: All Transcube tanks carry US DOT, Transport Canada and UL 142 approvals and have internal baffles allow the tank to be handled full of fuel.

DOUBLE WALLED, 110% CONTAINMENT: Built-in, weather proof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.

FOUR-WAY FORKLIFT POCKETS: Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility.

LIFTING POINTS: Easily liftable by crane when empty or full.