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Echo Barrier | Echo H2

Echo Barrier portable acoustic barriers are noise absorbing, durable, lightweight panels that can be used indoors or outdoors to control noise. They are reusable and designed to fit on all types of temporary and permanent fencing/ board¬ing, as well as any structure such as scaffolding and frames. Echo Barrier has successfully been used to control noise at construction and demolition sites, generators and compressors, HVAC, maintenance works, utility works, road and rail works, dispatch areas, music sports and public events, outdoor gun ranges, airports and heliports, hospitals, theatres and many others. Echo Barrier is also effective in containing other forms of site pollution such as dust and debris.

The Echo Barriers are innovative award winning noise control panels. designed to make short-term or long-term noise management simple, fast and highly effective. The key differences are: weight, durability, weather resistance, safety and appearance. The Echo Barriers weigh only 13 lbs each with a unique roll up mechanism that makes them easy to handle, install and transport. The Barriers absorb noise and vibration, not reflect it. They are a 'quick deploy' system that is easily fit onto standard temporary fencing, hoarding, scaffolding or any existing structure. The exterior is a rugged PVC that is completely weather resistant so they will not become water logged, too heavy to handle, look dirty or lose effectiveness. They do not contain Rockwool or fiberglass and have night reflectors for added visibility. Finally, the Echo Barriers look professional and stay looking that way – with the option to add logos or branding
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Lightweight (13lbs) for easy one person handling
  • Weatherproof/Industrial durability - Does NOT absorb water
  • Reflective strips to aid night time visibility