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Magnetic Lights for Rent

If you're looking for a practical and unique light source, look no further than United Rentals' selection of magnetic lights.

For our full list of magnetic lights view the items below. For more information about magnetic lights, visit our resource section.

70w light pack shot
Cat Class Code

Magnetic Base Work Light, 70W, Metal Halide

  • Feed through switch included
  • Metal halide construction for industrial applications
  • Secure to equipment with magnetic base
  • Extra long power cord included
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Worksite explosion-proof LED light
Cat Class Code

LED Light, Explosion Proof, Magnetic Base

  • Durable casing for explosion proof bulbs
  • Secure to equipment with magnetic base
  • Extra long power cord
  • Wattage varies according to model
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FAQs About Magnetic Lights

Magnetic lights are known for their toughness and long-lasting bulbs. They are perfect for use in work environments where safety and visibility are top priorities. Magnetic lights are made up of small magnets at the end of a light source, which allows the light to be attached to any metal surface. This makes them ideal for use in workshops, garages or larger jobsites, as well as for use as emergency lights or camping lights. Choose from models equipped with explosion-proof bulbs, extra-long cords and versatile magnetic attachment capabilities. For more information on our inventory of magnetic lights, please visit our FAQs section below.

What type of magnetic light do I need?

For industrial work, look for magnetic lights labeled and rated specifically for durability. Unlike decorative magnetic lights, the packaging will indicate that they are made to withstand hazardous circumstances like contact with water, explosives, or standard wear and tear.

Do magnetic lights require special knowledge for operation?

No. However, it is important to read about and thoroughly understand how magnetic lights function. For assistance operating magnetic lights, we recommend consulting with a United Rentals specialist.

Do magnetic lights require specialized bulbs?

There is no specialized universal bulb type for magnetic lights. Like other types of lights, it depends on the make and model of magnetic light. If you are unsure of the type of bulb you need for your magnetic light rental, feel free to contact a United Rentals equipment professional for further support.