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Additional Lights for Rent

United Rentals is your go-to when you need accessories for portable work lights for rent. Our accessories are sure to add convenience and help you achieve more efficient job outcomes. Choose from extension cords equipped with three outlets to help support your power needs. The cords allow you to power more than one device simultaneously and are fortified with a GCFI attachment to create an extra layer of protection for workers and equipment. Additionally, we offer power conversion tools. Our converter transformer allows you to safely reduce voltage for smaller tools and equipment. With its compact design and 110-volt input capability, this tool is perfect for safe indoor use. United Rentals is standing by to support your portable work light accessory needs.

FAQs About Accessories for Portable Work Lights

How long is the three-outlet extension cord?

  • The cord on this extension cord is 2 feet long, making it ideal for tools equipped with long cords. With three outlets, you're able to work efficiently, completing more individual tasks or parts of a single job with increased efficiency.

What does a converter transformer do?

  • Converter transformers manipulate the length of sine waves, reducing the level of voltage emissions. Many electric appliances can function on a lower wavelength with less power, creating safer operating conditions when specific voltage ratings are required to avoid hazards.

When would I need a converter transformer?

  • A converter transformer is ideal for equipment that lacks power compatibility with other power sources or tools. Use a converter to ensure safe power sourcing or transfer and to avoid damage or injuries due to excessive or incompatible power ratios. If you’re unsure of how to operate a converter, we encourage you to consult with a United Rentals specialist for further assistance.