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Auger, One-Man, Hydraulic

United Rentals offers a variety of lightweight, well balanced augers with special features not offered with competitive models. Whether your installing a fence, deck, or sign we have the right drill for the job.

The Little Beaver MDL-5HR5 and the MDL-8HR7 are designed for smaller jobs where access is limited. Both
offer ergonomically designed handle bars that reduce vibration and fatigue to the operator and allows the operator to drill next to a house or wall. The heavy duty centrifugal clutch slips when the auger comes in contact with any underground obstruction. Both machines offer the unique torque tube design that completely eliminates kick-back or counter torque that the operator encounters when the auger stops suddenly making these machines safe and easy to use.

Handle mounted throttle controls and engine stop switch are standard on both machines. Augers sizes from 2"-12" dia. are available and both machines can be used with the horizontal boring attachments that allow you to drill under sidewalks or driveways up to 40'.

The Little Beaver HYD-TB11H towable earth drill easily connects to any 2" ball. No heavy loading, the detachable
3 point tow-bar connects and disconnects with the pull of
a pin. Made for the commercial contractor who needs to drill holes in areas where backfill and debris are present. The 3-position handle allows the operator extra leverage when drilling next to buildings or walls and also swivels left to right for slopes. Comes standard with fingertip forward and reverse controls also an auger lock that holds the auger back while transporting from hole to hole. Auger sizes from 2'-16" with 18" or 36" extensions available.

The Little Beaver HYD-NTV11H hydraulic earth drill offers the extra power needed for larger auger diameters and depth. This machine offers fingertip controlled forward and reverse auger rotation along with an offset handle that allows drilling against buildings and walls. This unique design has a removable hydraulic power source for easy loading or the optional transport frame that easily slides into any 2" receiver. Can easily handle auger sizes 2"-16" with 18" or 36" extensions available.
  • One-Man & Two-Man Models