Handheld Sweepers for Rent

Do you have a big mess to clean up and don't want to haul out your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner? United Rentals has a handheld sweeper rental to meet your needs. When it comes to cleaning up small messes, there's no better tool than a handheld sweeper. These little machines are perfect for quick cleanups and can be used in a variety of situations. These small but powerful sweepers can quickly and easily clean up debris, dirt and hair from carpets, floors and other surfaces. With a sweeping radius up to 3 feet, magnetic sweepers are ideal for collecting lost or missing metal fasteners. Gas-powered handheld power brooms are perfect for more conventional trash and debris collection in gardens or on sidewalks and curbs. Their easy-to-use design, compact size and portability provide convenience for any user. United Rentals is standing by with handheld broom options just for you.

FAQs About Handheld Sweepers

What is the difference between a magnetic sweeper and a gas-powered sweeper?

  • Magnetic sweepers are constructed with magnets that pull metal fasteners from a surface while a spring-loaded release mechanism empties them into an attached receptacle. Gas-powered sweepers are constructed with bristles or rubber "blades" with a motor that powers their operation, dusting, pushing or sweeping dirt away from a surface.

Can gas-powered sweepers be used inside?

  • Gas-powered sweepers a generally intended for outdoor use where gas emissions can be released into the fresh air. Further, these sweepers are more commonly used for trash, debris, dust, dirt and even clearing light, powdery snow.

How do I use a handheld sweeper?

  • With handheld sweeper models, you grip the handles and walk the area you want to clear while pushing the tool in front of you. With gas-powered models, there may be additional instructions for safe and accurate use. We suggest thoroughly reading instruction manuals to understand equipment use and connecting with a specialist at your local United Rentals branch for additional support.
handheld magnetic sweeper
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Magnetic Sweeper, 3 ft., Handheld

  • Spring loaded
  • Quick-release available
  • Stainless steel bucket 3' wide
  • Long handle for easy reach
  • Uses: Ideal for picking up nails, screws or other fasteners from pavement, warehouses or jobsites easily
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handheld sweeper product shot
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Sweeper, Handheld, Gas Powered

  • Low-emission engine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multifunction control handle
  • Long handle for easy reach
  • Uses: Ideal for sweeping outdoor areas and clearing debris, dirt or snow
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