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Self-Propelled Concrete Saw, 60-69 hp

Large Street Saws
With ample power to finish any sized job, the C59, C44 street saw series is designed for joint-cutting, green or cured concrete and asphalt sawing and is available in 26", 30" and 36" blade capacity. Finished with a strong, clean, simple design and standard features, such as a fullergonomic console, instrument panel and completely enclosed blade shaft with oil bath. Equipped with a 59HP or 44HP, EPA- compliant Kubota, 4 cylinder, water-cooled, turbo diesel engine, these machine delivers long, maintenance-free hours of operation.

Self-Propelled Street Saws
Manufactured with an uncomplicated, reinforced frame design to withstand the harshness of job cutting requirements on mid-sized jobs the C35, C20 and C13 Self-Propelled saws are the perfect choice. Blade capabilities of 16", 20", 24" or 30". From our operatorfriendly design that makes handling and preventative maintenance easier to right and left cutting these saws are packed with features for maximum performance.
  • Cutting depth up to 15"
  • Handlebars with convenient, built-in depth gauge
  • Recessed rear wheels for parallel cutting to open trench