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Concrete Planer

United Rentals offers scarifiers (also called planers, milling machines, or rotary cutters) for cleaning, leveling, or texturing concrete surfaces. Use scarifiers to repair common slab problems: curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, sidewalk trip hazards, troweling mistakes, and weather damage. Remove oil, contaminates, epoxy coatings, thermoplastic, paint, and traffic lines.

Scabblers are air powered removal machines used for drastic removal jobs like creating wheelchair access ramps. Scabblers create rough surfaces by hammering bits into concrete surfaces, removing up to an 1/4" per pass.

Finding the right tools for concrete grinding is easy at United Rentals. Floor Grinders are designed for topical concrete applications including, smoothing, cleaning, thin coating removal, and prepping surfaces. Concrete Floor Grinders are homeowner and DIY friendly. Attachable Vacuum Systems control airborne dust and shorten cleanup times.
  • 7" cleaning path
  • Remove up to 1/8" of surface material at a time
  • Great for leveling uneven surfaces and trip hazards