Air Compressors & Air Tools (523)

From portable and towable air compressors to air drills, air staplers, and air hammers, we have the air equipment you need, all sourced from top-tier manufacturers to your local United Rentals store. Air compressors provide efficiency, economy and productivity. Smaller portable air compressors are ideal for compact jobsites. Air equipment — drills and hammers for construction or demo jobs, along with general air tools — are designed to reduce air consumption without reducing power, so you can run multiple tools with one compressor unit.



What size air compressor do I need for air tools?

  • The amount of PSI needed for air tools depends on whether the air compressor is portable or stationary as well as the size of the air tool. On average, air tools used with portable air compressors typically require 0 to 5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 70 to 90 PSI, and tools connected to stationary air compressor systems typically exceed 10 CFM at 100 to 120 PSI. Learn more with What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?

Can I run my electric compressor on a generator?

  • To safely run an electric compressor on a generator, you'll need to pair the generator size to the size of air compressor you have. To choose the best generator for your needs, you’ll want to consider wattage, decibel rating and fuel source.

How often does the oil need to be changed?

  • It depends on the type of air compressor you have. For rotary air compressors, you should change the oil every 7,000-8,000 hours. The reciprocating air compressor requires oil changes every three months.



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