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Towable Air Compressors provide efficiency, economy and productivity to worksites. Larger compressors in the 1300 to 1800 cfm range are ideal for industrial, construction and mining applications. Smaller portable air compressors are ideal for compact job sites.



  • How big of an air compressor do I need?
    • The tank size needed for a job depends on the amount of air that you need stored. A benefit to a larger tanked air compressors is that the motor will not start and stop as often as a smaller tanked compressor. However, if you do not believe your project will require much air, it may be more cost effective to use a smaller tank
  • Can I use motor oil in air compressor?
    • Motor oil has a specific weight for designated uses. Only use the oil the manufacturer recommends for that distinct compressor. Each pneumatic air tool has its own individual CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) requirement and can be found in the owners manual.

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