Pusharound Lifts (6)

These one-man lifts are easily portable, quick to setup, and simple to operate for construction and maintenance jobs like electrical work and ceiling repairs. Narrow width allows lifts to pass through a standard doorway and the “X” placement of outriggers will fit tight work areas. Manual safety descent lever brings you down in the event of power failure. AC power receptacle at the platform, built-in battery charger, forklift pockets and overhead crane attachment point included. Available options include pew straddle kits for working over pews/seating as well as narrow platforms for working through 24" ceiling tile grid to gain access to areas between ceiling and roof deck without removing ceiling grid.



Are safety harnesses required on manlift or platform?

  • A harness is not required on a manlift or aerial work platform as long as the guardrails meet OSHA regulations of acting as adequate fall protection.

Can a towable boom lift be moved by hand?

  • There are no regulations that indicate whether or not a towable boom lift can be moved by hand. Towable boom lifts have heavy batteries and hydraulic systems which can make it difficult to move without the aid of a functioning self-propelled model or tow vehicle.

Can a company self certify manlift certification?

  • A company is able to self-certify a manlift certification if they are ANSI certified to self-certify.



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Cat Class: 300-2080

Pusharound Lift, 15-20'

  • Emissions-free electric-powered unit
  • Narrow design to fit tight spaces
  • Manual safety descent lever
  • Built-in battery charger
Cat Class: 300-2580

Push Around Vertical Mast Lift, 21 ft.-25 ft.

  • Manual safety descent lever
  • Less than 3' wide to fit through doorways and freight elevators
  • Efficient, fume-free operation
  • Easily transportable by crane or on trailer
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Cat Class: 300-3080

Push Around Vertical Mast Lift, 26 ft.-34 ft.

  • Up to 350-lb. capacity
  • Stable mast for increased operator safety and comfort
  • Battery charger included for more uptime
  • Less than 3' wide to fit through doorways and freight elevators
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Cat Class: 300-2075

Push Around Vertical Mast Lift, 8 ft., Electric Powered

  • Ideal for stocking or other warehouse work where you need tools or supplies in the platform
  • Reach areas such as freight elevators, shelving or ceilings
  • Up to 14' working height
  • 500-lb. carrying capacity
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