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Ladders are vertical or inclined set of rungs or steps and are typically an important tool for any projects. United Rentals offer a wide range of heights and styles including straight ladders which lean up against a solid surface for support, step ladders and even combinations. From step ladders to 50’ ladder extensions, we‘ve got you covered.




  • When should an aerial lift be used instead of a ladder?
    • Advantages of aerial lifts in comparison to ladders include safety and increased mobility for an array of indoor and outdoor jobs where a ladder is limited in functionality.
  • How do I secure a ladder?
    • The hooks of a ladder reaching over 8 feet in height need to be firmly fastened to a supporting structure.
  • Where can I rent a ladder?
    • United Rentals offers ladder rentals for a number of jobs where aerial work platforms may not be suitable. From electric work to masonry, United Rentals can provide a solution for a number of applications where a ladder is the right piece of equipment for the job.

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