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Telescopic Boom Lift, 150 ft., 4WD

Complete the most extreme aerial work with a high-reach specialized telescopic lift. United Rentals carries a complete range of telescopic boom lifts for construction, mechanical contracting, painting, glazing, electrical work and industrial maintenance. Straight boom lifts can be raised, lowered and extended horizontally while the work platform remains stable and straight. You can maneuver and steer in any direction, even while the platform is extended. Hydrostatic drive, positive traction, oscillation axles and proportional controls make driving the boom lift smooth and easy. Units optionally equipped with 6' articulating jib extensions are also available, as is the new rotating jib option on some models. Optional welding units in platform have greatly increased versatility and productivity.
  • Heavy-duty 4-wheel drive
  • Complete utility, high-rise industrial and construction work with these high-reaching lifts
  • Jib extensions available
  • Feel stable and secure even at 150'
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