Aerial Attachments & Safety for Rent

Looking for a way to stay safe while working at elevated heights? Here at United Rentals, we offer a wide range of boom lift attachments for rent, including mobile fall protection carts, welding kits and more. We offer fall arrest platforms, exhaust scrubber accessories, glass and tray accessories and much more. Choose from top brands offering quality protective equipment to keep your operators safe and enclosed, including JLG boom lift attachments and Genie boom lift accessories. We offer guard rails, tool trays and gravity support arms to keep the platform clear from trip hazards and to ensure workers are safe working at height.

FAQs About Boom Lift Attachments and Safety

Is fall protection required on a boom lift?

  • Yes, protection is required on a boom lift. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does list specific requirements regarding fall protection such as harnesses. Additionally, United Rentals offers additional guardrails and accessories.

Do certain aerial platforms have specific types of protective gear?

  • Yes, certain aerial platforms do require specific types of matching safety equipment. To learn more, reach out to your local United Rentals brand to consult an equipment expert. Feel free to search Project Uptime: Safety for more information on choosing safety equipment and accessories.

How much are aerial attachments and safety accessories to rent?

  • The cost of these attachments will vary depending on the type of attachments selected and the United Rentals location you rent from. For more information regarding rental pricing, enter your location to see rental rates near you.

Aerial Work Platforms
Cat Class Code

Exhaust Scrubber Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Complies with OSHA standards for CO2 emissions
  • Clean up the jobsite air quality easily
  • Attaches to gas and diesel engines
  • Protect your crew and your site
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Blue Genie fall arrest platform boom lift
Cat Class Code

Fall Arrest Platform Boom Lift

  • Meets jet blast safety standards
  • Full 270-degree access around the platform
  • Accessory kit for boom lifts
  • United Rentals will contact you to confirm requirements
  • Uses: Allows operators to safely work outside the platform
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Aerial Work Platforms
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Glass and Panel Tray Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Transport materials safely to full elevation
  • Reduce strain from bending and picking up equipment
  • Attaches to boom lifts easily and securely
  • Ergonomic and convenient
  • Uses: Ideal for protecting equipment from damage
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Tools - Power, Hand, and Surveying
Cat Class Code

Gravity Assist Tool Support Arm

  • Attaches to racks, mounts or lifts for elevated work
  • Tool arm is easily maneuverable and ergonomic
  • Let the gravity assist tool arm do the heavy lifting
  • Securely holds tool, decreasing risk of drops
  • Uses: Ideal for supporting power tools as you work to reduce risk of injury
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Aerial Work Platforms
Cat Class Code

Guardrail base, Free-standing

  • Plastic and metal models available
  • Sturdy and durable
  • OSHA-compliant options available
  • Free-standing
  • Uses: Ideal for anchoring and securing guardrails for stable use
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Aerial Work Platforms
Cat Class Code

Guardrail, 10 ft., Free-standing

  • 10' in length
  • Sturdy and durable
  • OSHA-compliant options available
  • Free-standing
  • Uses: Ideal for added protection for employees when working on project components at elevated heights
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Boom Lifts icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Welding Package Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Conserve space on your boom lift with specialized welder attachment
  • Welder supplies 250 amps of power to the boom lift, saving fuel
  • Secured to the lift to avoid theft and fall risks
  • No leads hanging over the edge of the lift
  • Uses: Ideal for completing elevated welding work with a boom lift
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