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Whether you’re digging a maintenance trench, prepping a worksite or installing irrigation, United Rentals has a mini excavator that’s just right for your project. The smaller compact excavators in our fleet are light enough to work on more fragile surfaces and still dig a 10-foot-deep hole. On the other hand, our larger 10,000- to 18,000-pound mini excavators pack more power and dig up to 15.5 feet deep. Our mini-excavators are versatile enough to suit a wide range of needs with many available attachments and a lightweight, compact frame.         

Finding the ideal compact excavator for your project can be difficult. Our smaller 2,000- to 5,000-pound mini excavators may be the right choice for jobs in close working conditions, while our larger models offer more power and digging depth. We offer a wide range of mini excavators in varying sizes and weights so you can find the perfect equipment for your jobsite. With many different mini excavators available in the United Rentals fleet, our team of dedicated industry experts is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to help you meet your project goals, and our equipment specialists are ready to help.    

We have offerings from multiple top-of-the-line brands to ensure the best quality and performance, from our most compact 2,000-pound mini excavators to our deepest digging 18,000-pound units. Find a mini excavator near me, including:  

United Rentals is the largest equipment rental and end-to-end worksite solutions company in the world. Backed by a robust fleet of rental equipment and a team of experts ready to custom-engineer solutions for projects of any size, we’ve got you covered. United Rentals offers trucks and trailers, power and HVAC solutions, air compressors and tools, earthmoving equipment, and much more. Plus, with almost 1,200 locations across North America, we have the tools and equipment you need, where you need them. Reserve your rental equipment online and leverage digital tools to manage and optimize your fleet, control costs, access invoices, and have total control over your projects. United Rentals is here to help you keep projects on track

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More About Mini-Excavators in Houston, Texas

What jobs can you do with a mini excavator?

Mini or compact excavators excel at small to medium landscaping, digging, trenching, demolition and drilling projects. Though they may be called “mini,” our more powerful excavators can dig holes up to 14 feet deep. While the default units are equipped with a bucket and blade, these versatile excavators have many applications thanks to the range of attachments available. Compact excavators are excellent for digging irrigation, installing pools, digging utility trenches, preparing jobsites and more, just as long as you have the proper attachment for the job

How does a mini excavator work?

Mini excavators' movements and functions are powered by robust hydraulic systems, using that hydraulic force to dig, clear, and complete other earthmoving jobs. The boom, attachments, slew and propulsion are fully hydraulic. Additionally, some excavators now have features like cushioned booms and angled blades that make the operator's job easier. Many compact excavators also feature zero tail-swing, meaning that the housing of the equipment never extends over the tracks, making them even more helpful in cramped areas. 

How much can a mini excavator lift?

A mini excavator’s lifting capacity is generally determined by either hydraulic limitations or tipping limitations. Tipping limitations are the point at which an excavator would begin to tip while lifting a load, while hydraulic limitations are dependent on the unit's hydraulic power. Manufacturers test these different limitations and create lift charts to guide the operator. These lifting capabilities also take into account different lift heights and swing radius. Closely following and correctly interpreting these charts is vital to operate your compact excavator safely. Another useful safety measure to take is examining the worksite and ensuring the surface is level. Carefully following your mini excavator’s lift chart and staying on even surfaces are the best way to keep your operators and equipment as safe as possible.

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