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Reliable rentals at your fingertips

See how easy it is to rent online

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Online ordering lets you access confirmed-available inventory at locations near you. That way, you can get back to work knowing that what you need will be there when you need it.

Order anytime, 24/7

Whether you work early mornings or late nights, we make it easy to place orders on your time.

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Check out even quicker

After you save jobsite and billing info, it's always ready for a faster checkout the next time you order.

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See prices as you search

Find immediate, competitive pricing while you browse, including contracted rates if applicable.

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Browse available equipment

Our reliable logistics system shows you the fleet that's available to rent near you.

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Receive instant confirmation

An automatic confirmation email gives you peace of mind about receiving your order.

Get the service you expect

Just like orders placed with a representative, online rentals arrive on time and ready to use.

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Open your online United Rentals account now
Get started
It's easy to begin ordering online

Already have an account with a United Rentals rep?

Or are you renting equipment for the first time?

Either way, a few simple steps will get you started.

Register your online account

Start by entering your account information and save the details of you first jobsite. Everything will be remembered for the next time you log in and checkout.

Link any existing account info

If you've worked with one of our reps, ask them for your account number and PIN to sync your online and offline accounts―or call 844.873.4949.

If this is your first time ordering from United Rentals, you can skip this step.

Browse, reserve and check out

Explore the largest rental fleet in North America to find equipment that's ready to be ordered. Choose your dates and select your delivery and pick-up preferences.

Finally, review and manage it all

Once your order is placed, visit the comprehensive online dashboard to track rentals, access invoices, off-rent equipment and edit your pick-up times.

Open your online United Rentals account now
Get started

Ordering online works for a wide range of customers

"United Rentals' online system is super easy and efficient. You place your order, you get a confirmation and the items are delivered. I don't have to worry about anything, and I can rely on it, always."
- Bonnie, New York
"What was advertised on the website was actually what was available. The confirmation [phone call] gave me peace of mind that I was going to receive the exact [equipment] I wanted. A really positive, painless experience."
- Scott, Texas
"I use United Rentals online, because sometimes I have to rent [equipment] at different hours of the day. It could be six in the morning or six at night."
- Jeremy, Ontario
Your representative is always there to help

You won't lose your relationship when you order online―in fact, your rep will get notified each time an order goes through. Lean on them when you have issues or updates, or call our customer care line at 844.873.4949.

Still have questions about ordering online?

How long does setting up an online account take?

It should take between 7-10 minutes to complete your online account setup.

How can I find out my account number and PIN?

Contact your assigned sales rep or call our customer care line at 833.524.2987 to request the account number and PIN that was created for you with your first order.

What if there's a problem with my equipment?

If you experience any issues with your equipment upon arrival, call your assigned sales rep or our customer care line at 833.524.2987.

Will ordering online interfere with existing offline orders?

No, all existing orders will continue to be processed as they were placed.

Will renting online change any of my payment information?

No, your saved payment information will remain consistent whether you rent online or offline.

Will I still get my account's pre-negotiated rates?

Yes, once you've signed up online, your pre-negotiated rates will be reflected as you browse the online catalog.

Will my online orders be shown in Total Control?

Yes, all orders placed online or offline will appear in Total Control for your tracking and management convenience.

Will my rep still get credit for an online rental I place?

Yes, your assigned sales rep will be notified when you place an online order and receive credit for it.