With our advanced, cost-effective trench products for rent, you can select the most secure excavation method for your project and provide superior protection for your crew.

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Trench Shielding

Aluminum Trench Shielding

Aluminum shields or trench boxes are perfect for smaller jobs, providing exceptional strength and as little as half the weight of steel trench shields. Our comprehensive line includes popular shields as well as heavy-duty models. 

Modular Aluminum Panel Shields (MAPS)

This modular system can be assembled in minutes and is designed to change with site requirements. Available in a range of one- to four-sided panel configurations, with adjustable spreaders.

Steel Trench Shielding

Ideal for sewer and pipeline work, our steel trench shields and steel manhole shields feature double-wall construction for greater sidewall security and optimum strength-to-weight ratios.

Steel Manhole Shields

Ideal for deeper jobs, the square manhole configuration is available in single or double-walled models.

Arch Spreaders

Get maximum clearance for bore-pits and large-diameter pipes with our easy-to-install arch spreaders, available in a full range of widths.

Slide Rail Systems

Whether your site requires you to protect adjacent structures or vibration presents an issue with sheeting options, slide rails are the ideal modular, dig-and-push shoring system for a variety of applications.

Trench Shoring

Mega Brace

This state-of-the-art bracing technology uses hydraulically adjustable legs for multi-sided excavations. Designed for heavy-duty applications, it’s quick and easy to install, eliminating the need for beam cutting and welding.

Beam & Plate Shoring

Beam and Plate systems offer a unique cost-effective alternative to customary sheet-piling methods. Ideal for longer term excavations, the system is installed faster than traditional steel sheeting at a fraction of the cost, while providing you with the necessary work space. 

Steel Sheeting & Bracing

Interlocking or overlapping steel sheeting is the preferred system for very loose or saturated soil conditions. We stock a variety of profiles in different shapes, thicknesses and lengths for use in a variety of situations based on engineering design.

Aluminum Hydraulic Shores

This shoring solution offers maximum versatility and is ideal for working in complex conditions, especially around existing utilities and structures.

Waler Systems

If your site has unstable soil conditions, walers offer 100% above-ground installation to keep workers out of unshored trenches while maximizing workspace and clearance in your open bays.


Confined Space Safety Equipment

Gas Monitors/Detectors

Our reliable single- and multi-gas detectors offer a comprehensive range of innovative features and functions depending on your needs, as well as state-of-the-art real-time monitoring systems and alerts. 

Confined Space Retrieval Systems

We offer complete, quick-activating retrieval rescue systems with emergency hoists and tripods that give you a 4:1 mechanical advantage for an average speed of 25' per minute when time is of the essence.

Confined Space Blowers

Our high-performance ventilation systems provide up to 12,000 cfm of fresh air and remove toxic gases from confined and large spaces, including pipelines, tunnels, waste water treatment facilities and buildings under construction/demolition.


Bedding Containers

Our bedding containers are specially designed with tapered ends to improve the removal of bedding material and give your excavator operators better control.


Onsite Consultation

We partner with you every step of the way to provide the right solutions for your underground project. We offer onsite consultation and ongoing service support when and where you need them, to ensure the job gets done right.


Engineered Solutions

When you need help planning and organizing your jobs, trust our experienced Registered Professional Engineers to help you design and implement the right trench safety solution.


Delivery Solutions

Because your time is valuable, we offer expedited delivery solutions to ensure on-time drop-offs and pick-ups, directly to your job site, anywhere in the United States.