Spot coolers are industrial or commercial air conditioning units that can be mobilized to cool smaller areas. They are called spot coolers because they essentially work to cool or maintain temperature in the area or “spot” where they are placed. United Rentals offers a range of spot coolers to satisfy industrial and commercial applications – we’re here to help.

Spot Coolers

Industrial Spot Coolers 1-5 Tons

Our industrial spot coolers come in 1 to 5 ton sizes with casters for easy handling.  Minimal installation is required and they are electrically powered with 115 Volt or 240 Volt units available.  Electric drain pumps are available on these units to control excess condensate.  Spot coolers come in 13,200 to 60,050 bthu capacities and provide excellent dehumidification with moisture control mode available on several models.

Common spot cooler accessories include flex duct, louvers and dampers. 


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