Mobile air chillers are the equipment solution for applications that require cool, re-circulated air through an HVAC system. Our 20 to 400 ton air-cooled chillers provide reliable cooling to HVAC systems, with redundant, on-board circulating pumps for easy set up.

Air Chillers

Mobile Air Chillers from 20 – 400 Tons

Our air chillers are either trailer or skid mounted with forklift pockets for easy job site mobilization.  Air chillers come with NEMA 4 rated panels (upon request) and standard NEMA 3 rated weather attenuated covering, computer thermostat control and onboard flow meters.   

Dual or multiple compressors are available on most units, offering smaller load increments (15%) for higher unit efficiency.  With maximum flows ranging between 30 to 1440 GPM and minimum brine temperatures ranging from 0 to 20°F, we are sure to have the right mobile air chiller for your application.

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