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How to Use Mentoring to Attract and Keep Construction Talent

The construction industry is facing a labor crossroad. Baby boomers are starting to retire, and younger workers just aren’t choosing construction as a profession.


Protecting Construction Workers from Asbestos Contamination

In theory, most construction workers should never encounter asbestos, which is known to increase the risk of asbestos-related lung disease and cancer when the fibers get airborne and people breathe them in.


Keeping Risk Takers in Check

The construction industry is jam packed with risk takers.


Women in Construction: Helping to Build America’s Future

Women make up only about 9 percent of construction workers. The field, dominated by men, is not a place for wallflowers.


Tips for Running a Successful Safety Meeting

Ensuring the health and welfare of employees while they’re working on a construction site is the legal responsibility of employers, and safety meetings are an essential part of that obligation.


Recruiting for Millennials in Construction: What You Need to Know

Buildings are going up despite the shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry. But the shortage is critical enough that it’s slowing down some projects, especially in residential construction.


Military Skills Translator: Find a Job Based on Your Service Experience

The one-million-plus service members projected to leave the military between now and 2016 could go a long way toward filling the shortage of qualified workers in the construction industry.


Forklift to Corner Office: 4 Construction CEOs Who Started from the Bottom

Not every CEO has a master's degree in business, or made it to the top through family connections.


Team Building: Workplace Harmony Can Improve Project Performance

Successful teams coordinate tasks across different areas of a company, contributing individual skills and strengths to meet shared objectives.


Breaking Ground: 6 Steps to Boost Gender Equality in the Construction Industry

Crucial steps companies should take to help boost gender equality in the construction industry and correct a historical imbalance.