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Tips for Maintaining a Forklift

Lack of maintenance can shorten the life of a forklift and result in hefty repair bills along the way.

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Benefits of Indirect Fired Heaters

Fired heaters do just as the name implies: generate heat via the use of combustible materials. In direct fired heaters, air is forced across an open flame.

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Fuel Saving Tips for Jobsite Equipment

When a project or job is in motion, jobsite equipment is crucial to the company’s success. Companies are that much more successful when said equipment uses less fuel.

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Using Attachments for ForkLifts

A large variety of attachments can transform a forklift into a versatile work horse, including buckets, extensions, lifts, work platforms, rotators, spreaders, and rams.

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Project Security: How to Keep Your Site Safe around the Clock

Construction jobsite theft totals some $1 billion annually, according to National Equipment Register. And that doesn’t include costs of business interruption, such as project delay penalties and wasted workforce time.

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Renting vs. Buying Construction Equipment: A Growing Trend

Tight lending conditions and lulls in development activity have led to contractors tightening their belts over recent years, and for many firms, that means renting construction equipment instead of buying.

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Running Hot and Cold: Why it Makes Sense to Rent HVAC Equipment

Renting HVAC equipment comes with a host of benefits including onsite consultations, fast equipment delivery, onsite repairs and 24/7 technical help.

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Total Control Web-Based Rental Management: Track Your Rental Fleet in Real Time

Manage your equipment inventory and save 15%-35% in annual rent costs with Total Control.