Light Towers & Generators

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Whether it’s lighting a construction jobsite at night, lighting during a planned shutdown or event, or for emergency response crews working around the clock after a natural disaster: we have the towable light towers and portable work lights you need to get the job done safely.

And with over 900 MW of power in North America, we’ve got you covered. Our full fleet of both portable generatorsand diesel generators, ranging from 20 ekW to 2000 ekW, fit any size temporary power need. Designed for turnkey easy installation, these units provide power for jobsites, businesses, and municipalities. Whether it’s a planned shutdown, backup power during an outage or peak load, or helping to keep operations up and running after a natural disaster strikes – we have power solutions to meet even the most demanding needs.

From commercial construction to industrial operations and public projects, our team of specialized engineers and technicians provide personalized solutions, along with 24/7 response.

Cat. Class Code: 240-3131
Cat. Class Code: 240-3231
Cat. Class Code: 240-3251
Cat. Class Code: 240-3256
Cat. Class Code: 240-3286
Cat. Class Code: 240-3301
Cat. Class Code: 240-3321
Cat. Class Code: 240-3410
Cat. Class Code: 240-4051
Cat. Class Code: 320-4000
  • Tower rotates 360°
  • Each unit can light up to 7 acres
  • Designed for easy leveling