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Our vast inventory from top Manufacturers like Bomag, Ingersoll Rand, Multiquip and Wacker includes compaction equipment for every surface type: granular, mixed and cohesive soils, asphalt and sub-bases.

From single and double drum rollers, rammers and plate compactors – for trenches, road construction paving, backfill, landfill, and foundation work - we have the equipment to help you get the job done right.

For rough terrain we have a full line of compaction rollers with durable padfoot rollers. Or, for parking lots and other smooth asphalt surfaces, we offer smooth drum rollers.

Cat. Class Code: 150-2600
  • Separate gas and oil tanks
  • Fully-sealed oil lubrication system
  • Vibration cushioned handles for operator comfort
Cat. Class Code: 150-3100
  • Gas-powered unit
  • Vibration isolated steering handles for operator comfort
  • Designed for easy turning
  • Unit enclosed in tubular steel frames with lift eyes
Cat. Class Code: 160-2620
Cat. Class Code: 160-2621
Cat. Class Code: 160-2660